What information must companies provide in order to obtain the certificate?

Companies that apply for the label must provide all the data in relation to the packaging’s design, as well as the materials and various substances that comprise it, in addition to physical samples of the packaging for analysis.

What benefits do companies get from having the certificate?
  • Acquisition of a thorough knowledge of the processes of recycling your packaging, as well as the possible interferences that the characteristics of the packaging could generate in such processes.
  • Reach their environmental commitments in the area of recycling, as well as obtain their endorsement and compliance with the regulations.
  • Market positioning in response to an increasingly demanding demand. Improve the recyclability of packaging and/or auxiliary packaging material.
  • Manifestation of an environmental and social awareness.
  • Ratify its contribution to the circular economy
Once the evaluation has been carried out, is it compulsory to include the label on the packaging?

No. Each company will decide whether they consider it appropriate or not to include the label with the result they obtain on their packaging.

For how long is it valid?
Both the certification as well as the label will be valid for 2 years. After this period, although the packaging may not have changed, a new evaluation will be required to continue using it, as the recycling processes may have developed positively or negatively in terms of its recyclability. Any qualitative or quantitative variation of the packaging components leads to the use of label being prohibited, a new assessment being required before it can be used again.
What type of ecolabel is the recyclability label?

It is a type II ecolabel. It is a self-declaration by the company that owns the packaging, resulting from the evaluation of recyclability carried out by an independent expert, with an independent methodology and which, in addition to physical tests on the packaging, has a triple external review, carried out by the UNESCO Chair of Life Cycle and Climate Change ESCI-UPF and the Gremi de Recuperació de Catalunya. In addition to being audited by International Certification Services Ibérica, S.A.U. in the process of awarding this certificate.

How is packaging recyclability shown?
Both the Recyclability Certificate and Label will show the percentage of packaging material available for quality recycling in two ways:

  • Percentage: Showing the numérica result obtained at assessment.
  • Level: Showing the level obtained using stars.


Recyclability levels:


  • ***** 5 Stars: % >85
  • ****   4 Stars: % > 75 y ≤ 85
  • ***     3 Stars: % > 65 y ≤ 75
  • **       2 Stars: % > 45 y ≤ 65
  • *       1 Stars: % ≥ 20 y ≤ 45