Ecodesign and Recyclability

We help you work on the sustainability of your packaging and therefore improve your circularity


  • Do you want to obtain the recyclability certification for your packaging and the label that comes with it? You can obtain it through us.
  • Documents with recyclability requirements for suppliers, making sure that your packaging’s various components give it the greatest possible recyclability rate. 
  • Studies on the recyclability of your packaging, in which we provide suggestions for improvement.
  • Action plans to work on improving the recyclability rate of your packaging.
  • Positioning arguments regarding the recyclability of your packaging for the sales team. Make sure that your retailers know how each packaging is recycled, what environmental benefits it has, thereby giving them new sales arguments.
  • Technical coordination and backing for the recycling processes.
  • Analysis of the packaging in the laboratory.
  • Training and workshops on recyclability, both individually or in groups.


  • Consultancy in relation to ecodesign and prevention to make your packaging sustainable.
  • Analysis of the Life Cycle of your packaging and/or products.
  • Documents with sustainability requirements for suppliers to ensure that the various components of your packaging give it the greatest possible sustainability rate.
  • Positioning arguments regarding the ecodesign of your packaging for the sales team. Make sure that your retailers know the work carried out on prevention and ecodesign and what environmental benefits it has, thereby giving them a new sales argument.
  • Optimisation of the complete packaging system.
  • Training and workshops on ecodesign, both individually or in groups.

Training, Communication

We adapt all our training sessions to the needs of each department and each organisation or company


  • Recyclability of packaging
  • Ecodesign
  • Circular economy
  • Guided tours of recycling systems
  • Composting
  • Environmental awareness


  • Analysis of and suggestions for messages on the recyclability, ecodesign and sustainability of your packaging.
  • Arguments and positioning on recyclability, ecodesign and sustainability for:
    • Retailers
    • Social Networks
    • Marketing
    • Newsletter
    • Press releases
    • Presentations
    • Etc

Obligations and Legality

We help you make sure your obligations comply with the SCRAPs (collective system of extended producer responsibility)


  • We draft your Prevention Plan for you.
    We will include the prevention measures that you have identified on the platforms of the relevant SCRAPs.
  • What if you haven’t identified any prevention measures? We will assess and help you to identify the prevention measures that you might have put in place.
  • What if you haven’t put in place any prevention measures?
    We will assess you in terms of prevention and ecodesign so that your packaging is more sustainable and also so that you meet your legal requirement.


  • Problems with the declaration?
    We include the necessary data
     to make your packaging declaration on the relevant SCRAP tools.
  • We will assess and accompany you through the process of drafting your packaging declaration