About us

Dríade Soluciones Medioambientales

Environmental consultancy that specialises in recycling, prevention and ecodesign, as well as running training sessions on these topics.

We work in an almost-artesanal way, looking after every detail, giving you a combined solution so that you can carry on developing without worrying about the rest. We combine the most up-to-date creativity and innovation with old-fashioned care and dedication. We want to get to know you, know about you, your aims and requirements, so that we can develop a service tailored to you.

Instituto Imedes

Imedes Ingeniería, Innovación y Comunicación para la Sostenibilidad (Imedes engineering, innovation and communication for sustainability) is a spin-off company of the University de Valencia, which has been contributing to the sustainability and socio-economic development of public and private entities on a national and international level since 1995.

A broad team of professionals, committed to the future, based on knowledge, talent, experience and creativity, a human team dedicated to promoting change.