Stages for
obtaining the label



Analysis and suggestions for improvement

1. Exhaustive analysis of the interferences that the packaging could cause during the recycling processes: collection, selection and recycling.

2.  Suggestions for possible improvements in relation to the recyclability of the packaging in relation to: changes of material or colour, reduction of weight, etc.


Evaluation, review and certification

1. Evaluation and determining of the percentage of the packaging’s material that can be recycled, in accordance with the regulations currently in force.

2. External review, by the ESCI-UPF UNESCO Chair in Life Cycle and Climate Change, to guarantee compliance with the criteria established in the label’s procedures.

3. Issue of the report and certification of the percentage of the packaging’s material that can be recycled.


Obtaining the recyclability label

1. Granting of authorisation to include the label on the packaging.  

The label will show the packaging’s recyclability percentage.

2. Publication that this label has been awarded on social media and on the website, with the client’s consent.