Sello Reciclabilidad - El Sello de Reciclabilidad es la ecoetiqueta voluntaria que las empresas podrán incluir en los envases para mostrar el resultado obtenido en el Certificado de Reciclabilidad.



What information must companies provide in order to obtain the certificate?   

Companies that apply for the label must provide all the data in relation to the packaging’s design, as well as the materials and various substances that comprise it, in addition to physical samples of the packaging for analysis.

What packaging can be certified?   

Complete primary household packaging (for example, bottle + label + stopper), as well as all primary and secondary or group packaging, may be granted the recyclability certificate and the corresponding label, that is, the packaging as and how could be purchased by the consumer.
For packaging manufacturers: Certification of recyclability of packaging. See details.
For manufacturers of packaging components (labels, stoppers, etc.): Certification that they are suitable for recycling certain packaging. Consult details.

What benefits do companies get from having the certificate?   

    • Acquisition of a thorough knowledge of the processes of recycling your packaging, as well as the possible interferences that the characteristics of the packaging could generate in such processes.
    • Reach their environmental commitments in the area of recycling, as well as obtain their endorsement and compliance with the regulations.
    • Market positioning in response to an increasingly demanding demand. Improve the recyclability of packaging and/or auxiliary packaging material.
    • Manifestation of an environmental and social awareness.
    • Ratify its contribution to the circular economy

Once the evaluation has been carried out, is it compulsory to include the label on the packaging?   

No. Each company will decide whether they consider it appropriate or not to include the label with the result they obtain on their packaging.

Does the label evaluate the environmental behaviour of the packaging?   

No. The evaluation is limited to the packaging’s behaviour during the recycling processes. To improve the packaging’s environmental behaviour it is necessary to carry out an ecodesign study, based on a Life Cycle Assessment.

For how long is it valid?   

Both the certification as well as the label will be valid for 2 years. After this period, although the packaging may not have changed, a new evaluation will be required to continue using it, as the recycling processes may have developed positively or negatively in terms of its recyclability. Any qualitative or quantitative variation of the packaging components leads to the use of label being prohibited, a new assessment being required before it can be used again.

What type of ecolabel is the recyclability label?   

It’s a type II eco-label. This is a self-declaration of the company that owns the container, with an external evaluation and review by a third party. Like any relevant eco-label, the application of the label will have a period of improvement of three years and will be analyzed by the UNESCO ESCI-ChairUPF to identify strengths and possibilities for improvement in line with the evolution of knowledge in eco-labels, corresponding ISO standards and other referential standards.

How is packaging recyclability shown?   

Both the Recyclability Certificate and Label will show the percentage of packaging material available for quality recycling in two ways:

    • Percentage: Showing the numérica result obtained at assessment.
    • Level: Showing the level obtained using stars.

Recyclability levels:

  • ***** 5 Stars: % >85
  • ****   4 Stars: % > 75 y ≤ 85
  • ***     3 Stars: % > 65 y ≤ 75
  • **       2 Stars: % > 45 y ≤ 65
  • *       1 Stars: % ≥ 20 y ≤ 45

What is recyclability according to the recyclability certificate and label? 

The intrinsic capacity of a packaging to achieve quality recycling, taking into account its characteristics and collection technologies, selection and recycling currently available on an industrial scale and with sufficient geographical coverage throughout Spain for this purpose.

What is quality recycled material according to the recyclability certificate and label? 

Material obtained from the recycling process of a packaging or of components thereof, capable of replacing the virgin raw material in a second and successive recycling cycles of the same material. To this end, the packaging and components thereof must meet a number of requirements in order to be capable of conversion, following their use and their contribution to the general large scale recycling system, in a secondary material comparable to the original. In shothe amount of material available for a quality recycling of a packaging is the amount of packaging material that is capable of being converted (after successive recycling processes) in the same packaging material with which it was manufactured, although then in practice it is intended for manufacturer of another product from it.