Recyclability and Circular Economy

Society is demanding improvements regarding effective sustainability. Every economic player will have to transition from a Linear to a Circular Economy if they want to survive for a long time. In order to align their activity with this movement, it’s essential to work on the recyclability of packaging, so that packaging waste becomes a resource and the circle is closed.

There are many packaging features that affect their recyclability: material, shape, colour, adhesives etc. Each of these elements can interfere with the waste collection, selection and recycling stages and lower its percentage of recyclability. For this reason, everyone involved in the packaging chain must be aware of the criteria that need be taken into account to ensure that it is recycled and have mechanisms for quantifying and improving them.

What is the Recyclability Label?

The recyclability label is a voluntary label identifying the percentage of the packaging material that can be recycled. With this label, companies can guarantee their environmental commitments in terms of recycled materials.

In addition, they gain exhaustive knowledge of the interferences that the packaging could generate in the recycling processes, as well as suggestions for improving its recyclability.

Obtain the Recyclability Label

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